System Requirements:

 iOS 4.3+ for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad


Required Space:

 1.4 gigs standard, 4 gigs enhanced


Key Features


- Text is synchronized by verse level with WOP audio

- Internet connection is not required for use

- Compelling Celebrity voiced audio

- Movie quality sound effects

- Original music score

- Adjustable font sizes

- Custom Playlists

Getting Started Guide

Click the image to the left to download the free getting started guide. The getting started guide will walk you through the basic steps of using the Word of Promise app.

Select a Book of the Bible

The Word of Promise App allows you to drill into the Bible in a whole new experience. Simply touch the scripture bar at the top center of the app and choose a book of the Bible to view and hear. You can select just a book or even drill down to an individual verse.


Easily stream scripture to your TV by using an AirPlay supported device such as an Apple TV.

Faith Comes by Hearing the Word

Simply click the play button at the bottom of the player and start experiencing one of the most powerful pieces of literature in the world, the Bible. Watch as each verse is individually highlighted and synchrinized to the award winning audio verse by verse.


The Word of Promise App is proud to partner with Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. When touching the logo at the bottom left hand corner of the app you will be taken to a daily devotional page.


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