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Click the image on the right to download a free copy of the getting started guide. The getting started guide will walk you through the basic steps of using the Word of Promise PC Edition.

Options a Click Away

The Word of Promise PC Edition allows you to use resources not normally found in your average Bible software. Simply right click on any peice of scripture and you can instantly make a note, print a copy for futher reading, e-mail a friend a passage, or post a verse on Twitter & Facebook.


Searching the Bible has never been easier. Simply type a verse, phrase, or word and get instant live results containing your query. Simply click a result to be taken directly to the verse containing the query.


Getting access to over 40,000 footnotes has never been easier. Simply hover over a footnote symbol in a verse to reveal the footnotes. When clicking a verse within a footnote you will not only be able to read the text but also play the award winning Word of Promise Audio.


Customize your experience in the Word of Promise PC Edition by adding your own personal notes to verses as you read and listen to the Bible. Simply tap the note button at the top of the window and instantly add your own notes on a given verse. After entering your notes they will instantly appear right next to the verse.

Minimum Requirements:

Pentium 4 or compatible CPU

512 MB of RAM

12 GB of space on the system drive

Windows XP SP3

Media Player 11

All of the security updates

Operating Systems Supported:

Windows XP (all x86 versions)

Windows XP Media Center

Windows Vista (All versions 32 & 64 bit)

Windows 7 (All versions 32 & 64 bit)


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